A Sneaky Peak at the Perfect Winter Holiday

What makes a good holiday is different for everyone but I think one thing that most people want is good weather. The meaning of good weather is different throughout the year and also depends on what it is you want to do.

For example at Christmas time; you either want lots of snow, or lots of sunshine. Both of these help to complete the task of a holiday. They help you escape the real world of home.

If it is snowing you can ski, experience the thrill and adrenaline rush of zooming down a hill at extreme speeds in extreme conditions, nothing around you matters only what’s in front, something that when thought about metaphorically really can help you get away from issues. In fact flying down that hill can even feel like you’re running away from your problems leaving them behind at the top, at home and then you stop. At the bottom of the hill, looking up, instead of feeling like you have to climb up it you feel like you’ve beaten it, you feel the unbeatable contentment of success.

I’ve never skied myself, was always too young and now I’m too cautious. But I know that a skiing holiday is fun for all. Sledging as a kid has the same effect as skiing like an action man as an adult.

Snowball fights and snowmen are also infinite joys.Image

The area I know best is Serre Chevalier in the French Alps. I went cross country skiing and downhill sledging there at the age of about 7. I remember building a snowman and calling him Pierre, as Peter means stone and his eyes were made of stones, my dad named him. What they have now in the near by area is a very large Monetier Spa. Their baths are unbelievable for escapism. Some of the indoor ones are shaped as caves, with mood lighting surrounding you and relaxing music playing under the water. The whole family can enjoy the main pools. And if the weather isn’t quite so good it is the perfect place to warm up yet cool down. If in the area at Christmas time check out the New Year’s Eve Celebrations!!!!

Now, I mentioned sunshine too, but I’ve never experienced a beach Christmas so I won’t say anymore than, have a go, it really would be a Great Escape and let me know all about it in the comment box below!!!!

Until next time; Au Revoir.