Umbria- Basic Info

Umbria is the only Italian region without a coastline:-

It includes Lake Trasimeno, the biggest lake in Central Italy:-

There are also remains of Etruscan settlements, particularly in the town of  Castiglione del Lago:-

There is also the Cascate delle Marmore waterfall near Terni; they are known as some of the most beautiful waterfalls in Europe:-

The waterfall drops into the River Nera as a 165 m (541 ft) fall:-

It is surrounded by beautiful plants and is the perfect spot for extreme- water-sports lovers:-

Also in Terni you have Carsulae; an ancient Roman town intersected by the ancient Via Flaminia:-

Here you can find the remains of the S. Damiano Arch:-

Another big attraction near by is the Dunarobba Fossil Forest:-

This a rare example of a forest that has existed for over 3 million years, it consists of very well-preserved tree trunks set in a lunar landscape.

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