Umbria Itinerary #1

itinery map Click Image to see bigger map.

Here are some screen shots from Google Maps Street view so you know what to expect, click to see them larger:

Now, if you want to take this trip you will be travelling through the county of Umbria from Gubbio to Assisi through the National Park of Monte Cucco, Colfiorio plateau and the Park of Mount Subasio. It is a journey full of history, culture, art and natural beauty that will be found nowhere else.

Destination A is Gubbio, it is one of the most ancient towns in Umbria and is said to look like a huge Nativity scene. One othe main attractions in Gubbio is the Basilica of St. Ubaldo, as well as this and several other beautiful Roman buildings teh sreets of Gubbio are a wonderufl mix of the Middle Ages mixed with the elegance of Reinassance and Baroque. It is one of the widest and most charming landscapes in the whole Umbria.

Destinations B and C take you up North across the Appennini towards Scheggia and Pascelupo. See above and below to view some of the beautiful scenery witnessed along this part of the journey,

Destinations D and E then take you to the Regional Park of Colfiorito: it covers 850 acres of land, 250 of which are marshlands full to the brim with wildlife.

Destinations F and G take you to Asissi towards Spello which stands on top of a hill at the bottom of Mount Subasio. This final part of your journey will take you inside the well-preserved Medieval walls where 4 gates and a Roman arch are still ther only entrances to centre where the main monument is the Church of Santa Maria Maggiore inside of which is the magnificent Cappella Baglioni by the artist Pinturicchio.

This route inlcudes a range of majestic landscapes and buildings, not all of which can be seen in the above photos, so here are some more for you to look at, these are from inbetween the specific destinations:

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