A Genuine Ice Hotel

So, there is thing which is completely an utterly mind-boggling.  It is called IceHotel.  If you don’t quite believe what I am saying I quote from the website that IceHotel is  ‘A hotel built of ice and snow….The first and the largest in the world.’

We at HPS HOTELS have just booked a holiday here for a client, but as we are great travellers went there ourselves last year.

It’s the kind of experience that can’t be put into words, however the reasons behind experiencing can.  Everyone has their limits, but limits are there to be pushed, that’s what big, new experiences are usually there to do. If however, you want to experience something  without pushing too many of these limits then this is the kind of trip for you. You get to sleep on top of a block of ice, as if you were a polar bear or a cute little penguin, this is strange and exciting but completely and utterly safe at the same time. Not only do they provide you with what they call ‘warm winter clothes, gloves and shoes’ to sleep in but there is also a ‘breakfast buffet and a  morning sauna.’ Of course if this is still a bit too much for you there is always the warm option, not hot as you are in Jukkasjärvi which is in the arctic, but still warm. These are the Chalets. If you’re going as a couple you could be stereotypical and copy Doctor Who (Series 4, Episode 10) at the same time. Send the adventurous bloke into the igloo and leave the lady in the luxury Chalet sunbathing. I guess one way of describing both experiences is the feeling you get as you zoom down a hill on your bike, all you feel is the, sometimes non- existent wind, blowing at you, grabbing you, blocking out the rest of the world, you have no control. The one thing other than gravity that keeps you going is Adrenaline in its unlimited, unbeatable form. It is this force that makes you book these holidays in the first place.

As exciting and thrilling as pretending to be David Attenborough is, once you get there the king of adrenaline town resigns: anticipation. You arrive and all you see is something described very well by the hotels website: ‘art created with imagination and hard work, only to melt away under the unforgiving rays of the sun come springtime. All that remains are our impressions, our memories – and photographs.’

Because yes, it is just a block of ice sculpted into something else. It is just a piece art, a piece of art rebuilt each year in a slightly different way in a slightly different place. Brought to life by the people staying in it, by their memories and photographs. By the wonderful, indescribable experiences they gain from visiting the IceHotel.

This place is full of history and glory of all kinds. But in order to discover them, you’ll have to go yourself.

See the home page for information about our website where you can book your trip to the IceHotel.



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