Seafood (A-G)

It’s alwys good to treat yourself to something alittle bit more posh, especially if it’s been sourced in the local area:

Picture Links:

Allice shad Seppia Alose Sábalo
Anchovies Acciughe / alici Anchois Boquerones
Angler fish Coda di rospo Lotte de mer Rape
Bar Ombrina Ombrine Umbrina
Barbel Barbo / barbio Barbeau Barbo
Bass Spigola / branzino Loup de mer / bar Lubina bass
Bleaks Alborelle Ablettes Albures
Bream Abramide Brème Brema
Brill Rombo liscio Barbue Barbuda
Bullheads Scazzoni Chabots Cotos
Burbot Bottatrice Lotte de rivière Lota
Carp Carpa Carpe Carpa
Char Salmerino Omble chevalier Umbla
Chub Cavedano Chevaine  /  chevesne Cacho
Clams Vongole / arselle Clovisses Almejas
Cockles Vongole Coques / bucardes Barbechos cockles
Cod Merluzzo Cabillaud Bacalao Fresco
Conger Grongo Congre Congrio
Crabs Granchi Crabes Cámbaros
Crayfish Gambero Ecrevisse Cangrejos De Río
Crucian Carassio Carassin Carasio
Cuttlefish Seppie Seiches Jibias
Dab Limanda Limande Limanda
Date shells Datteri di mare Dattes de mer Dátiles de mar
Dentex Dentice Dente Denton
Dogfish Palombo Emissole Musola
Dolphin / Dorado Corifena / lampuga Coriphene Dorado / Lampuga
Eel Anguilla Anguille Anguila
Farmed trout Trota di vivaio Truites d’élevage Truchas de Vivero trout
Garfish Aguglia Orphie Aguja
Gilthead Orata Daurade Dorada
Goby Ghiozzo Gobie Gobio
Grayling Temolo Ombre Tímalo
Greater weaver Trachino / pesce ragno Vive Peje Arara
Grey mullet Cefalo / muggine Mulet / muge Mujol / cabezudogrey mullet
Gudgeons Gobioni / ghiozzi Goujons Gobios

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